Attorney Dr. Bianca Müller


Following years of working as a legal adviser for a record company and being employed as an attorney in law firms specialized in entertainment law, I established my own law firm in Berlin in 2005.

Since 2008 I am certified as a specialist in media and copyright law by the Berlin Bar Association because of my qualification and my further training in the legal areas copyright law, music law, publishing law, art law, design law, film law, sports law, intellectual property, trademarks, rights to the use of a name, company law, press law and internet law.

My clients include national and international businesses such as record companies, music publishers, recording studios, sellers of trademarked goods, booking agencies, advertising agencies and modeling agencies, as well as musicians, composers, producers, managers, actors, directors, photographers, authors, fine artists, journalists, cartoonists, graphic designers, web designers, software developers, models, athletes and comedians.

Below is a list of the highlights in my professional career:

  • Law school in Berlin and Hamburg from 1988 to 1994
  • Following the first exam in 1994, doctorate at the chair of Prof. Dr. Gerrit Winter and freelancer for several law firms in Hamburg specialized in entertainment law. Parallel to this, practical training at the Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht) Hamburg with stays in Hamburg and Tokyo.
  • Following the second exam in 1998 in Hamburg, attorney and graduate of complementary studies in commercial law at the University of Hamburg.
  • Legal adviser ZYX Music GmbH & Co. KG from August 1999 to August 2001.
  • Studies at the University of California, USA during the summer of 2001.
  • Attorney at Law for a law firm specialized in entertainment law in Frankfurt/Main and Berlin from September 2001 to April 2005. Parallel to this, lecturer at the Erich Pommer Institute, Potsdam (seminars on trademark law in December 2003 and the founding of a label in December 2004).
  • 2005 Foundation Law Firm Dr. Bianca Müller, Berlin
  • Since 2008 certified as a specialist in copyright and media law by the Berlin Bar Association.
  • 2011 lectures on Music Manager, Innothink Akademie e.V., Hannover


  • Dissertation Verbraucherschutz durch das Bundesaufsichtsamt für Versicherungswesen, Peter Lang Verlag, 1998
  • Die Bedeutung des P-Vermerks, Musiker Magazin 4/2003
  • Die Klage gegen unberechtigtes Sampling, ZUM 1999, 555
  • Die Verteidigung im Plagiatsprozess, Musiker Magazin 2/2003
  • Factual and Legal Issues in: Classical Concert Live Streaming, Co-Author with Samantha Farber, IAEL Yearbook 2015